Asbestos Removal

All Asbestos removal is carried out in accordance with all Occupational Health and Safety regulations and all relevant WorkSafe Victoria requirements. All removal is done by fully qualified and licensed removalists, and disposed of in accordance with all regulations. Once removal is completed, the site is checked by an independent hygienist and the relevant clearance certificate issued prior to demolition works.

Asbestos Facts - What is it?

A natural, fibrous mineral. Valued for its durability, fire resistance and excellent insulating properties, it was used in the Australian building industry between the 1940s and late 1980s. Asbestos is difficult to identify with the naked eye and we recommend a visit by a qualified occupational hygienist (usually an environmental scientist) or licensed asbestos removal contractor to confirm whether asbestos is present in a house or apartment .

For further information you may contact Work Cover to obtain the guidelines for the safe removal of asbestos. Generally the presence of asbestos in home building materials is not risky, unless it is broken or its condition has deteriorated. In buildings, asbestos fibres are found either firmly or loosely bound in a number of products. Firmly Bound Asbestos is generally found in corrugated sheeting, roof shingles, vinyl floor tiles, flexible building boards and imitation brick cladding. Loosely bound asbestos may be found in older forms of insulation used in heaters and stoves